Sectional industrial doors consist of sections made of steel sheet with a closed profile of 40 mm or NEW! 60 mm. The filling is a flame-retardant CFC-free polyurethane foam. The walls of the segment are made of 0.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet, primed on the basis of polyester using the baking method.


The choice of the rail guidance system depends primarily on the size of the lintel. The free space between the lower edge of the lintel and the roof determines the use of an appropriate type of rail guidance.

The guides are mounted to the wall and most often suspended under the ceiling. In the area of the horizontally moving door leaf, there are often various types of pipes, cables, crossbars, or cranes or gantries. It all affects the selection of the appropriate guidance system.

The rail guidance system should be selected according to the existing building conditions. There are several rail guidance systems to choose from depending on the situation

  • T240 low rail guidance with internal cable
  • T340 normal tracking with rear spring shaft
  • T450 normal rail guidance (standard)
  • T400 increased rail guidance
  • T500 vertical rail guidance
  • T500 hF vertical rail guidance with a lower spring shaft


  • Oval window
  • Rectangular Window
  • Round Window
  • Ventilation segment in aluminum perforated sheet
  • glazed segment in aluminum frames
  • segment in aluminum frames – cellular glass


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