The sectional doors are made of closed profile segments made of galvanized steel sheet. It is filled with CFC-free, flame retardant polyurethane foam.

Every dimension is a standard dimension for us! The maximum door width is 5500 mm and the maximum height is 3000 mm. For larger dimensions we recommend our industrial doors.

The torsion springs are galvanised or powder coated in RAL 9006. Their standard service life is 15000 cycles and can be increased to 25000 cycles on request. Side ends of the galvanized segments are additionally painted white, similar to RAL 9010, which significantly improves the aesthetics of the entire door.


All gates are equipped as standard with an internal handle and a pull cord for easy closing of the gate.

  • Door lock, available with handle and signboard in black or aluminium, standard left-hand side view from the outside (single-sided locking)
  • inner handwheel
  • White or black framed door windows, stainless steel frame windows, aluminium frame glazed sections
  • ventilation grilles
  • wicket door in gates ( with low threshold )
  • aluminium side doors with door panel infill
  • Electric drives: The standard for all drives is the transmission of thrust by means of a chain rail. Optionally, it can be a plastic toothed belt (quiet running). In the event of a power failure, manual emergency release of the door will be facilitated.


  • Micro-profile – available in silver similar to RAL 9006 and anthracite similar to RAL 7016
  • Deep Mat – available in anthracite colour similar to RAL 7016
  • Smooth – available in white colour similar to RAL 9010 and in veneers: golden oak, walnut, mahogany and Kingschester
  • Woodgrain – available in white colour similar to RAL 9010, brown colour similar to RAL 8014 and golden oak veneer with wide profiling


STANDARD COLORS and standard wood veneers All the door panels we use have a durable, scratch and UV resistant surface. This ensures that the colors retain their original shape for a long time.

The basic version is made up of the following colours:

  • white similar to RAL 9010 (white)
  • brown similar to RAL 8014 (brown)
  • walnut veneer
  • veneer golden oak woodgrain
  • golden oak veneer
  • Kingschester (Winchester)
  • RAL 9006 (silver)
  • RAL 7016 Deep Matt


Garage doors not only have an aesthetic appearance, but also have exceptional parameters in all weather conditions. Gates consist of tongue-and-groove panels 40 mm thick

The panels are made of galvanized steel with filling – insulation of HCFC-free polyurethane foam. The strength of the panels, together with the full perimeter and joint sealing, provides exceptional protection against wind and rain and ensures a high level of thermal efficiency.

Each gates is manufactured to size, and thanks to the choice of panel patterns and a wide range of colours, your garage door will certainly improve the look of any home.

  • Inter-sectional seals protect against wind and moisture across the entire door width
  • Flexible and low temperature resistant lower chamber gasket insulates the door from the ground
  • Vertical side seals together with the top seal placed on the last door segment insulate the door on the sides and to the lintel
  • 40 mm thick door panel filled with polyurethane foam (PUR) with high thermal parameters


Additional equipment:

  • photocells
  • two- or four-channel remote controls
  • emergency decoupling in the event of a power failure
  • alert lights

Depending on the option selected, the rails transmitting the opening force from the drive head to the door can be equipped with a plastic belt or metal chain. For additional reinforcement of the door panel, we recommend using a simple reinforcement fitting that additionally stabilises the entire top panel to which the operator is connected.


We place great emphasis on the safety of the gates. The doors we offer have a number of standard protections not always used in doors of other manufacturers

All our gates are equipped with:

  • protection against spring breakage
  • Finger trap protection in the door section
  • protection in the form of suitably shaped vertical guide rails to prevent the lateral insertion of fingers
  • 40 mm thick strong and stable door panel
  • manually operated doors are equipped with a strong patent lock locking the door
  • Automatically operated doors – the operator locks the door before opening.
  • Automatically operated doors – the operator locks the door before opening.

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